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Welcome to my Home.

My name is Dorothy-Inez

I’m passionate about helping women overcome lack of self-worth, self-love, self-esteem, and burnout through holistic confidence and well-being coaching.


My mission is to guide you in reconnecting with yourself, restoring your spirit, and revitalizing your zest for life.


Through my unique approach, I’ve helped hundreds of women start new careers or businesses, gain the courage to leave bad relationships, confidently ask for what they need, fall in love with themselves, and learn to put themselves first.


My holistic methods combine Life Coaching, Reiki, VibroAcoustic Sound Therapy, PEMF & Far InfraRed Heat Therapy to address your mind, body, and spirit comprehensively.


I understand the power of self-love and inner healing, and I’m here to support you on your journey. Whether you’re looking to transform your career, improve your relationships, or simply find more joy in everyday life, I’m here to help you achieve your goals.


At The Shine Sanctuary, I offer a safe space for you to explore your potential and embrace a life filled with confidence and well-being.


Through workshops like 'Courageous Camera Confidence for Women' and special events like 'Beautea,' I create opportunities for you to grow and connect with a community of like-minded women.


Join me on this transformative journey to rediscover your inner strength, restore your spirit, and reignite your passion for life.


Together, we’ll work towards creating a life you love, filled with self-worth, self-love, and unshakeable confidence.

Feel free to take a look at what women are saying and email me with any questions you may have at

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Do  You Want to Know What It's Like to Have a Coach Who Cares?

I have helped  high-achieving women just like you have the courage to choose and believe in themselves through a combination of self love and accountability with a hint of spirituality. My proven system yields results for the woman who is ready to  SHINE from the inside-out!

Listen to what these women had to say!

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